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Becoming Brothers in Christ - Société de Vie Évangélique du Cœur de Jésus
Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

Becoming Brothers in ChristOn the occasion of the publication of Pope Francis' Encyclical Fratelli tutti on October 3, 2020, Guy Harpigny, Bishop of Tournai (Belgium) published a summary of it. A team from SVECJ in Belgium questioned how to live this universal fraternity encouraged by Pierre's successor.


  • Do you ever get stimulated by brothers who are not Catholics? Quote an attitude, a word you received in this way. (Brothers you know through the media, books, or better than you've personally met).
  • Have you seen or met people who are approaching the attitude of Charles de Foucauld: "… identifying with the latest… to be a universal brother"?
  • Can you tell a story where you've been turned away from something important to do to get close to someone in need? (like the Samaritan)
  • Truth and relativism: are you interested in the question? What do you call her? One says:"to each one his truth," the other, "there is the Truth of a situation of life, of a thought," you say and why?
  • How do you practice the universal aspect of brotherhood? Or: do you see a process that would lead you and those around you to broaden your conception of brotherhood to the universal? (universal really, concretely)
  • Topics such as the violence of certain groups, immigration, the selfishness of certain people… Do you treat this as questions, problems, arguments to present, or a search for the meeting? For example: refugees in tents in Josaphat Park, is it first the local authority that must find temporary housing in hardwood, public hygiene issues to be addressed, an argument to question the international relations of our country or first of all people suffering who seek to fend for themselves, people to listen, to meet?

A Belgian SVECJ team


  1. It is probably not appropriate to take all the questions. The 1 and 2 are a bit alike
  2. Some questions are more difficult to share: the 3, the 6. It's good to ask yourself them anyway
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