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Consécration baptismaleOn the occasion of the World Day for Consecrated Life, let us return to the meaning of our baptismal consecration. It is the foundation of all our other consecrations. The Second Vatican Council reminds us, moreover, in accordance with Sacred Scripture, that it is first of all the people of God who are consecrated(see LG n° 9). Every baptized person is consecrated to God the Father, through Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit. In consecrating ourselves, we renew the vows, the promises of our baptism. Thus baptismal consecration is the foundation of all our other consecrations.

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Baptismal consecration and commitment

Through our commitment to the SVECJ, we encourage each other to live together, in our own vocation, the universal call to holiness.

Commitment is a response to the Lord’s gift, a gift of ourselves, total and without return, to follow him in all circumstances. Life Project n°24 Commitment to the Society (SVECJ) roots each person more deeply in the grace of baptism and confirmation. It is part of the dynamism of the sacraments received: it strengthens the covenant of married people and the grace of priestly or diaconal ordination in the solidarity of diocesan ministry. It encourages the deployment of the riches linked to these signs and gifts of God. Following Christ who sends us to build the Church of the Beatitudes with the poor, the little ones, the humble, the sinners and with all those who are open to love. Life Project n°25

Baptismal consecration in the Church

Thus, in the Church, there are no “consecrated” baptized persons who live the “consecrated life” alongside baptized persons who live a non-consecrated life. This would reduce the power of the call to holiness for all the baptised. Baptism, thanks to its Trinitarian dimension, is the “perfect” vocation. It is the consecrated life par excellence, the consecration by virtue of which all the faithful are sanctified. Consecrated life is simply synonymous with baptismal life and Christian perfection.

Each person will define his commitment according to his vocation, his state of life and his history. They will give their personal response, taking into account the calls they have received to live prayer and contemplation, chastity and openness, poverty and availability, fraternal life and solidarity (Profession of the Evangelical Counsels) Life Project n°28

Consecrated life in SVECJ

In SVECJ, our mission is to follow Christ and, as a result, to do what He asks of us, to do His will, it is an act, it is a choice! Being consecrated to God through baptism is not an easy path, it is the slow and patient but fruitful learning of a life given, of a life consecrated to others and therefore to God.