Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

During Vivre de la fidélitéLent 2022, a team from the Reunion met around the theme of fidelity. Here are a few lines on this team sharing.

For this Lenten meeting, the reflection proposed to everyone was on :
– Fidelity to the promises of our Baptism
– Fidelity to our commitment in the family.
– The necessary conversion
There were eight of us around the table. After a meal of sharing and exchanging news, we began the meeting by praying for peace.

Faithfulness to one’s baptism

Sometimes it is the commitment to the CU that has been the driving force for the rediscovery of one’s baptism
Baptism. The decisive steps in the following of Christ then followed one another
but also, so many new beginnings, carried by the Hope that God never abandons his child.
But it is a continual struggle in which one cannot rely on one’s own strength
but it is a continual struggle in which one cannot rely on one’s own strength: the need to continually regain one’s breath.


It is also the concern to pass on to children, who do not always follow.
All of them said they were trying to be faithful to the commitments they had made, starting from their
commitments made in the FCU:

  • Relying on one another, walking together
  • By withdrawing to the desert
  • By relying on the Grace of the Holy Spirit
  • By frequenting the Sacraments, including the daily Eucharist
  • Several referred to the Life Project and in particular articles 6 – 7 – 25 and 51
  • Each one was able to express their calls to conversion, helped in particular by the parable from the Gospel of the “rich young man”:
    • More compassion in the long and permanent accompaniment of a loved one
      who no longer has his or her memory
    • Acknowledging and accepting one’s fragility, opening up more to Grace.
      Learning to live as a widow alone
    • Beware of all that distracts from Christ in this world
    • Letting go more, leaving all the space to the Holy Spirit

Fidelity in the daily life of each moment, of each event… without disconnection.

There are also loyalties such as the one in favour of the annual retreat. Not forgetting the calls for greater openness to the unexpected and attention to isolated members (PdV n°48&58)

Jean-Marie Lebon, SVECJ