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trois membres prononcent un engagementOn Saturday 12 June 2021, the day after the feast of the Heart of Jesus and after a year of successive postponements, three members of the SVECJ made a commitment. This solemn moment took place during a festive Eucharistic celebration in the church of Thimougies (Tournai – Belgium).

Three members make a commitment

  • Amélie Desclée, member of the Velaines group, made her first commitment
  • Rudy Blancquart, also a member of the Velaines group, made his final commitment
  • Madeleine Niringiyimana, from the group in La Louvière, made her commitment as an associate member

The event was attended by members of their immediate family. Amélie’s husband and their daughter were present, as was Rudy’s wife. It should also be noted that Madeleine was accompanied by her goddaughter, who is also her niece. Her husband, who returned to the Father just two months ago, was also present in a different way. He had encouraged her to make this commitment.

In Cor Unum Family

Each of the six Belgian groups (PCJ and SVE) of the Cor Unum Family was represented for the occasion. The pledges were received by Pierre-Jean Stygelbout, EVS Regional Leader, and Joseph Dermaut, member of the EVS General Council. The latter presided over the celebration and insisted on the importance of remaining in Jesus in order to live the Gospel in everyday life. This is what our spiritual family proposes to us. sc name=”pdv” ] The celebration continued with a small reception on the lawn of the Epiphany Community house, which adjoins the church. This was a significant place for Amélie and Rudy as it was there that they had held their formation meetings. The joy of the meeting and of the reunion was very present on their faces. “Go and bring my joy to the world”, said the sending song..

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