Temps de lecture : 2 minutes(Last Updated On: 17 April 2022)

We celebrate Easter on 17 April 2022. It is the celebration of the Resurrection of Christ and the victory over death. It is where we celebrate life stronger than death, love stronger than hate.

Easter: celebrating life

Easter is the breath of life that animates the world and makes us care for it. It empowers us to resist the forces of death, to create a more humane world. On this day we celebrate the dazzling beauty of human frailty. This is senseless news! God made Man who never ceased during his life to “lift up” the crushed, prostrate, humiliated, rejected, undead people of his society.

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This announcement of the Resurrection resounds in our lives, which have been darkened and hindered by the pandemic, as well as yesterday and today by the wars, conflicts, famines… that traverse our world. To celebrate Easter is to give life to all those people who are stripped of their humanity, in the crowd of the forgotten, in the crowd of the disinherited launched on the roads of exodus or exile, or in the incessant cry of the poor demanding justice. God in Jesus Christ has taken upon Himself all that demolishes us, all that makes us despair of life and its many challenges, some of them insurmountable.

The victory of life

With the Risen Christ, we proclaim that life is stronger than death. We are invited to manifest this with our lives, to welcome each other in our vulnerability, and to stand together, joyful and alive. Fraternal solidarity is a resurrection! For God often reveals himself through humble signs, simple gestures that bring joy and hope. The light of the risen Christ shines on us forever. May Easter 2022 always have the flavour of hope and the power of a song of praise. This day that the Lord made is a day of joy, Alleluia!

The General Council of the SVECJ