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My country has been hit hard, first by the COVID pandemic, it is caused by hunger, poverty, poverty of households in Peru living in sub-human conditions, and then the political crisis of the executive and legislative powers. Situations that generate great stress.


We in Witnesses to the truthPeru witness the truth by living our commitments as Christians through acts of charity, forgiveness and mercy. We ask the Lord to be, each and every one of us, a witness of Christian life at the service of our most needy brethren. Overcoming our pain, we witness the resurrected Jesus, guided by his word and the testimony of an authentic Christian life.


With the sisters and brothers of the SVECJ groups Villa el Salvador, Miraflores, Torres de Limatambo de Lima and Tarma in the mountains, our communication was mainly done by phone, whatsapp or e-mail. On the last Monday with the group of Torres de Limatambo in Lima we had our meeting by video conference and we agreed for December to have a meeting with the family by this means God willing that everyone can access it. This coordination with the sisters and brothers of the SVECJ would be for the first half of December.


Thank you to the members of the Evangelical Life Society of Peru who despite the many difficulties we are going through are present.May the Lord give us the strength of our conscience, the courage of the spirit, the peace in the midst of the storm and the ability to say things with joy and hope, confident that everything will pass and that each situation will leave us a lesson.

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