Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

In this month of May, we remain in the light of Easter, energised by the great feast of the Resurrection. Supported by the experience of the first Apostles, we have to come out of fear, like them, to follow the Risen One in order to announce the LIFE offered to all and to actively witness to his love, which is a priority for the excluded and the suffering.

Meeting the Risen One

“Why do you seek the living among the dead? (Luke 24, 5) These words still ring true. War, death and suffering remain all too real. Yet they should not hypnotise us and paralyse us into a sense of helplessness… Jesus is alive and goes before us to Galilee: he is waiting for us there!
The message of Easter becomes a reality in our lives, which are re-read and shared in the SVECJ team. Seeds of life are sprouting all around us, in our families and relationships, and more widely in the world accessible through various media. They lift the mountains of indifference and selfishness where they grow. Let us take the time to welcome them and share them in Easter joy.

Our responses to the Synod

The responses of the members of the SVECJ, present in several countries, testify that synodality is well implemented in our spiritual family. This is a sign of life! We walk together in the footsteps of the Risen One, with our different states of life and our varied experiences. “The Gospel is our cement” (a team from France-Belgium); “we welcome the surprises of the Holy Spirit” (team from Reunion).

Keeping hope alive

Our horizon is broadened by welcoming the Holy Spirit, who helps us to keep Hope. This Hope remains anchored in the Easter experience. Let us take the time to open our eyes and ears to all these signs of Life which are waiting to be discerned, taken up in prayer and then developed in daily commitment with all the good people around us.

Gwennola Rimbaut, SVECJ

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