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une mission construire la fraterniteIn the collection on synodality from the dioceses of France, a great breath is felt: the desire to build a fraternal Church open to the world. The hope is to be able to witness to the world that living together in welcoming our differences is truly the heart of the Good News of Jesus Christ and the commitment of all Christians. The Kingdom of God is in the making on earth!

A common mission

Such a desire becomes the mission of everyone, especially the members of the SVECJ and the Cor Unum family. We are already in this spirit in our team lives where differences mingle, sometimes confronting the difficulty of accepting each other with kindness. The path of fraternity remains to be constantly deepened by allowing ourselves to be conformed to the Heart of Jesus. Reviewing our various commitments as a team can help us to dig this furrow of fraternity.

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God needs us

For the desire for a fraternal life together based on faith in God the Father of all humanity, in Jesus the brother of each person, obliges us and stimulates us. It sends us back to the heart of the world, first and foremost to those who are in need of fraternity: the excluded. There is no shortage of them; they exist on the periphery of our families, neighbourhoods, villages and ecclesial communities. “A poor cry and God hears it”, but God needs our ears, our eyes and our hands. And if the encounter is lived in a spirit of reciprocity, without overhang, fraternity grows with happiness and joy.

A desire for fraternity

Whatever our age, let’s keep this desire for brotherhood and make it concrete: take time to phone if we can’t go out; listen to the needs expressed and use our networks to support this or that person; dialogue and stimulate each other to support initiatives full of humanity; contribute by our words and attitudes to a positive view of people in pain, in difficulty.. The mission continues at all ages! God sows life, it is up to us to draw from Him (prayer, sacraments) and to water this freely given life..

Gwennola Rimbaut, member of the General Council of the SVECJ

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