Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

Les saints de la porte d’à côtéPope Francis has reminded us that not all saints are in the calendar. These people, like the canonised saints, are to be imitated. They show us, by their lives, that they are seekers of God.

The saints recognise Christ in their midst

We have been dazzled, that is, touched in the heart, in the spiritual sense. And it is also from having been kneaded by his Word, by the Gospel, that we can dare to recognise him in the lives of others. In this way, we learn to dare to recognise that it is the presence of the Spirit of Christ that is a sign to us in others.

The passage of ANNE-MARIE

Thus the life of Anne-Marie, 55 years old, shows her trust in the Father at the time of her passage. A fundamental unity emerges from her life. The day she knew she was coming to the end of her life was the 100th birthday party of André, a worker priest. She asked me to greet him, to “tell him that I was happy to cross his path”.

Communion of saints

She also says: “Between him here, and Robert, whom I’m going to meet again, I’m well surrounded Robert Mendiburu, priest of the Heart of Jesus, left for the Father on 14 April 2020. André, Anne-Marie, Robert, are for me faces in the communion of saints.

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