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Dear brothers and sisters,

I write these few lines with great helplessness in the face of all that we are experiencing in Peru. Corruption, the abuse of the powerful against the poor, the god of money and the racist hatred of the highlanders for being from the same country are everywhere in the country. The poor are considered worthless. They are killed and nothing happens? Life is worthless for a poor person. As long as they demand their rights, they are treated as terrorists. Those who defend them must also disappear, because they are considered to be in collusion with them. It makes me very sad to see on the internet why the press doesn’t report anything about what is happening in Peru. We only see through videos of individuals showing the outrages.

In Peru: the drama of the highlands

Here in Lima, you can’t imagine how the brothers live, I had the opportunity to go to the highlands. They live in a hut. They eat, sleep and live in overcrowded conditions, with no possibility of health care or food. They live only on what their town can produce. Although there are gold and silver mines operated by transnationals. They take all the waste to the river and pollute it. The inhabitants drink this water and often die. They are malnourished, they have no health centres, no schools. They lack everything while the companies live like kings, build their modern flats and do not help the inhabitants at all.

An unstable situation

In Peru, an unstable and dramatic situation


In Peru, there is great inequality. The people had to wake up one day, they felt represented by the president who was provincial. But they realised that he was racist and ignorant, that he couldn’t speak. For me, he doesn’t represent me. Day after day, the Peruvian people got annoyed with this behaviour and managed to chase him out of the city. The leaders never thought that the people of the provinces would wake up and come to the capital. Now the demonstrators are imprisoned for causing damage while there are videos of the police and infiltrators doing the damage. We can’t even talk about it and explain what we did so we don’t hate each other.

In Peru: preaching the God of peace?

Where would we go to evangelize so many people who don’t know the God of love. I wonder what the church is doing in the first place, they are also guilty of hatred, they are communists, I have no doubt. But what are they doing defending the poor brothers and sisters of my country at this time when there are so many divisions. The thirst for power is also in them.

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Pray and act

In parish groups, we can only pray for the hand of the Almighty to touch our hearts, for the Holy Spirit to pour out the love we so desperately need. May he enlighten all authorities to bring us out of this crossroads in peace and love. May we be more united and not forget the regions where hunger and misery are our daily bread. May the Lord bring forth in me the fruits of his presence. May he give me the fruit of his spirit which is love, peace and joy in the midst of the storm.

Your sister in Christ.

SVECJ in Peru