Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

Breathe together

Breathe together! We urgently need it in these times of pandemic due to COVID-19. Beyond that, breathing together means recognizing the need to mobilize for our land.

Never our commitment to the care of the Common House

and the healing of this broken world has been more urgent than now. Healing this Earth is a task that no one can accomplish alone.

Healing begins by joining others, especially

with the most affected and vulnerable,

the poor, the indigenous, the migrants, the refugees…

And, thus, become collaborators

to take care of the Common House,


Arturo Sosa

Superior General of the Society of Jesus

For this reason, the Society of Jesus and its partners organized an international prayer vigil on September 25, 2020.This prayer, organized on the day of Global Climate Action, invites us to take care of our common home. We can't take care of nature if we don't take care of people. That in this month of October 2020, we grew in the awareness that "everything is linked": the care of nature and the concern of people.
Let us also pray together for peace. Let us pray especially where partisan issues risk obscuring the common good and the search for justice and peace. Our world needs it so much!