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The spirituality of the SVECJ: an aid for my ministryFor more than twenty-five years, I have been with the Cor Unum Family. When I was in propedeuticals for a diocesan priest ministry in Paris I discovered the Gospel and Mission Groups. I was attracted to Ignatian spirituality with this contemplation. My spiritual accompanist then guided me to the Cor Unum Family where I began to walk. I almost always advanced with teams that mixed priests and lay people. This is how quite naturally I lived my commitments within the SVECJ. Thanks to these I continue my companionship with various brothers and sisters: man or woman, single or married, layman or priest


Moreover, I have always been attracted to a fraternal life lived on a daily basis.I have the pleasure of living it in a team of the FMPV (Missionary Brotherhood of Priests for the City). In 26 years of presbyteral ministry, I have only lived two years outside a fraternity team. These teams also make it possible to leave his diocese to be sent to a diocese in the Paris region. Thus, I have the joy of being for seven years moderator of the parishes of the high plateau of Montfermeil in the diocese of Saint-Denis.


The spirituality of the Cor Unum family helps me by rooting myself in daily prayer. This dual aspect of a rooting in the life of the world and also in the Heart of Jesus is precious to me. I enjoy participating in retreats with the family when possible but admit that the competition is tough. An annual retreat is planned for the members of the FMPV, another for the priests of the Diocese of Saint-Denis or those of the Diocese of Paris!


I especially appreciate the monthly meeting as a team because we live a unity, a communion in the diversity of our lives: is this not the sign that we all belong to Christ through our baptism and that He is at the center of our lives? Each seeks to discern the calls of the Holy Spirit to follow Christ and offer our lives in his Love and that of our brethren. I feel like this with my brothers and sisters on my feet; we can question ourselves freely, I do not especially have to animate the meetings and appreciate not being the coordinator of the team. You feel that this life within the family, this spirituality, have always seemed to me very complementary to my life within the FMPV.


Not everything is ideal, however, because the Cor Unum family is struggling to renew itself, especially in my region of Ile de France. I am one of the youngest and yet already 62 years old, I unfortunately remain the youngest priest. Currently, following deaths and departures, our teams in the region need to be renewed and it is not easy to reconcile the schedules for this redesign. I regret not being able to participate in the highlights of the region.


The fragility of our Family should not sadden us more than necessary. It calls us to bear witness more to what we are experiencing and to be called in this way. It reminds us that the Cor Unum Family is a beautiful and good way to live the gospel.This way of living the gospel in the world is not an end in itself. Is it not the Lord Jesus who is the master and who will do with it what He wants?

Hubert Louvet, priest

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