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actors of the world afterWe know neither the day nor the time," Matthew writes in his Gospel. Are we not in the same situation today in the face of this epidemic of Covid-19? When will it stop spreading and contaminating the world's citizens?


In recent weeks, we have had a more or less traumatic experience with various effects. I am thinking in particular of people confined to small apartments, children deprived of school, health care workers and those who continue to provide the functioning of the services necessary for the life of the population in conditions of health security that are not always properly guaranteed, the elderly who, in this unforeseen and brutal episode of the pandemic , there are a large number of victims.


France is fortunate to have 6 million seniors over the age of 75. How do we take them into account, do we listen to them? Questions asked of members of our Cor Unum Family and SVECJ, which have many seniors. These traumatic situations and the social inequalities that have been revealed by this crisis are likely to have violent post-epidemic effects.


In this crisis, perhaps we have finally discovered what are our basic needs and those of our society and the world? Could this be an opportunity to change our way of life?

Actors of the transformation of the world

We individually and collectively have to be actors of social transformation to want to build a new world! Let us resist the "nothing will change" that some people profess. Let us look at life and its difficulties not as an evil but as a promise of life that always keeps us in hope! Let us maintain this project of building a more united, just world, a humanity proud to devote all its efforts to meeting the essential needs of every citizen of the world!


Today, the epidemic is not yet eradicated and, in this time of deconfination announced, we have to respect as much as before the instructions of protection, physical distancing to protect ourselves, protect others and especially the most fragile. Let us have civic attitudes of respect for the values of humanity, let us take care of each other, with respect for the instructions that concern us all and which we do not have to hesitate to remind those around us.

It is a way of loving our neighbour. And to answer Christ's call: "I have come so that the sheep may have life, life in abundance. »

Nuno Fernandes, General Manager SVECJ

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